Protos Property Management was founded in Mexico with over 20 years of valued experience of building, operating, and renting condominiums, apartments and hotels in cities like Playa Del Carmen and Tulum in the Riviera Maya.

We at Protos Property Management have joined forces with Elfel Construction to create Protos Real-Estate, a new force in the Riviera Maya, concentrating in Playa Del Carmen and Tulum.

Elfel Construction, a renowned construction company operating in Mexico since 1992, has been the mastermind behind the construction and remodelling of numerous high-end properties such as well-appointed hotels, resorts, schools and recreational establishments in the Riviera Maya.

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  • Full Maintenance services.
  • 24/7 Real-Time account status through personal.
  • Professional staging and photography of your home.
  • Controlled Key-Access and documentation of all properties.
  • 1-Day US Dollar transfers to any bank account in the world.
  • Bill payment services and documented maintenance inspections.
  • Multi-National corporate structure to protect your financial investment.
  • Monthly financial statements documenting revenue and itemized property expenses.
  • Property advertising on all PROTOS websites,
    in addition to paid advertising sites and the World’s leading wholesalers.

Day in and day out, let us make you feel at hOMe.

At Protos Real Estate, we oversee all getaway rentals from start to finish. 24/7 customer care, we respond rapidly and professionally to all inquiries. All guests and property owners are provided with an emergency number, nearby police and fire numbers. From secure reservation requests and bookings, to attendant services and housekeeping our team is by your side, 24 hours per day.

Marketing: Our Property Management division includes a team of experienced marketing and public relations professionals. With an extensive knowledge of the region and as active members of the communities, local events and neighborhood activities are promoted to guests, property owners and locals year-round. An extensive list of returning and new customers is built and regularly maintained to keep returning and new customers up to date on important information.

Online and Social Media Marketing: It is no secret, social media and internet platforms are one of the most important driving forces for promotion today. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly, clean, cutting-edge and practical, our websites allow potential guests to effortlessly find your property. We oversee all email marketing outreaches, social media marketing, networking promotions, updating of listings and booking calendars, and an assortment of other promotional strategies that will lead clients right to your door – literally!

Public and Community Relations: Local distributions, media tours and stays, personalized guest updates, professionally conducted surveys, multifaceted promotions, crisis management, and so much more.  We are here to proficient supervisors and strategists here to accommodate you and your property!

Reservations Made Easy: You can rest easy knowing that all reservations to your property are booked with clear terms and securely.

Housekeeping and Inspections: Our trained and skilled housekeepers maintain your property to our highest standards.  A Protos administrator examines the property before and after each guest visit to ensure these standards are met.

Maintenance: We ensure all properties are fit as a fiddle. Quick to react to support issues, our dedicated maintenance staff is on call 24/7 to tend to any maintenance needs.

Decor and Interior Design: Upon request, qualified interior designers are brought in for planning sessions and property examinations to ensure appropriate renovations are made to meet market and customer standards.

Reporting: We keep all records – from incomes to repairs, you’ll get proficient, month to month bookkeeping of what is going on at your property. Through our online portal, you can access all of your property’s information from virtually anywhere and can keep track of important data, see all bookings on your personal calendars, rentals and incomes, book vacation stays, and so much more.

Security: We are responsible to you. We are your personal informants when you are not around. We look after your property and your guests and are accessible to guests for any assistance. Upon arrival, guests are met to review the Terms and Conditions of their stay and are required to consent to an itemized rental arrangement.

Communities: We have an established relationship with local associations and officials to ensure a safe and enjoyable vacation for your guests. We keep visitors educated about subdivision leads and additional local laws. We watch over the properties 24/7 to avoid any guest violations.

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